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The Hanoudi Tragedy: Part Three, There Was No Miracle
Tuesday, 23 October 2012 01:09

This is the last of the three part abridged form of the story I have been working on for the last few months, which I am hoping to have in a printed form in a book very soon, otherwise I might have to come back to The Hanoudi Letter and publish on its clean and very obliging pages.  Now that 2012 is coming rapidly to its end, I wish you all my good friends and colleagues a very happy and a most peaceful and prosperous New Year, you have been absolutely wonderful, god bless you and thank you very much.

The Hanoudi Tragedy: Part Two, A Nightmare of Suspense
Saturday, 06 October 2012 17:17

When I was told next morning that my son was sent during the night to the 31st Combat Support Hospital in the Green Zone for an emergency operation, because he had a very severe bleeding following the operation he had in the morning.  I got into my car and started a journey that would ultimately last more than 8 years of pain, terrible disappointments, and incredible tensions and would finally end in death of Nazar.  I was not unduly worried, when I reached the Green Zone I found out that it was again like the camp were my son was hospitalized earlier, it was encircled by a similarly high wall of enforced concrete, which was much more imposing and better guarded with the necessary check points which were protected by more soldiers and fortified by small blocks of concrete and barbed wire.  In addition to the soldiers a number of Iraqi civilians who were acting as translators.  It was now a bit later than 10 am and one of the translators told me that visitors to patients in the hospital are allowed to enter only at 9 am. The next day, my wife, my daughter and myself were at the check point before 9 am when at exactly 9 a big car arrived from the hospital from which brought three American soldiers one of them was carrying a piece of paper with the names of the patients who were in the hospital, my son’s name was there so we were allowed to enter.  It was a twenty minutes to walk from the check point to the hospital and when we reached there we were told after a good deal of questioning and checking that our son was in the ICU on the second floor after the major operation he underwent after he was brought from the camp because of the complications which followed the morning’s surgery.

The Hanoudi Tragedy: Part One, the Deadly Bullet
Sunday, 23 September 2012 17:05

My son Nazar was working with a small American military unit in Baghdad as a contractor after the 2003 war in Iraq, he was always very friendly and greatly respected by his employers.  On the morning of the 29th of March, 2004, he was mistakenly shot by an American soldier from the unit he was working with, the bullet he received caused multiple injuries to the various structures in his left loin, he was operated in a make shift hospital at the site which was a very inadequate surgery because few hours later he had a massive bleeding from his badly damaged left kidney.  Nazar was transferred to the American military hospital in the green zone where he had his damaged kidney with other nearby structures removed after a major operation which lasted 7 hours and required 28 pints of blood.  He was recovering nicely, but few days later his remaining kidney started to fail which mandated a kidney dialysis, the American hospital did not have a dialysis machine so he was sent to a nearby Iraqi hospital to have the procedure done which was a complete failure, after which he had a heart attack which lasted for 14 minutes which resulted in a very severe brain damage because of the deprivation of oxygen to the brain during the attack [vegetative state].  He was discharged from the American hospital after six weeks still in an extremely serious condition when we had to take him home and started ourselves the very complex 24 hours a day care his condition required all the time praying and hoping for a miracle.  But there was no miracle and after a nightmare which lasted more than 8 years, my son died in Michigan few days before the last Christmas.

The Presidential Elections: The Democrat’s Convention
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Tuesday, 11 September 2012 00:47

A week after those attending the Republican National Convention the Democrats opened theirs in the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte in North Carolina, they met for three days during which they nominated President Obama for a second term, they adopted their  party platform, listened to a long list of speakers which included the first lady, ex-president Clinton and on Thursday night they listened to President Obama accepting their nomination as their choice to face the Republican nominee exactly two months before the November 6 election which already looks like a very close and tight race ahead.  Cheering delegates also heard plentiful criticism of Republican challenger Mitt Romney as they launched their response to last week's GOP convention, which sought to frame the November election as a referendum on Obama's presidency amid high unemployment, sluggish economic growth, and mounting federal deficits and debt.  Facing a tight race and Republican attacks that they have made things worse while in power, Democratic organizers responding by trying during their three-day convention to emphasize the tough decisions Obama has made so far and the additional steps needed to bolster the middle class.

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