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The Hanoudiletter: My Book, The Hanoudi Tragedy
Wednesday, 30 January 2013 01:56

Many friends and colleagues have noticed that I have been updating Hanoudi Letter for the last few months with inserts about only one topic and that is the book.  I have been working on recounting the story of the mistaken shooting of my son Nazar by a young American soldier on the morning of march 29, 2004 and the terrible nightmare we were plunged into as a result of that unfortunate incident when we had to take care of him after he was discharged from the American hospital in Baghdad where he was taken care of for six weeks after he was injured when they decided that they could not do anything more to help him  that we could either let them stop his life saving devices and allow him to pass away or take him home and take care of him ourselves which could be for a very long time, so we took him home and started the very complex task his condition required.

The Hanoudi Letter: Saying Hello from Christmas by the Lake
Sunday, 30 December 2012 01:04

For almost a month now, I was running a piece on my blog called “my book and the story of the book” which was about a book I was working on for the last year, after the passing away of my son on the 21st of December 2011, I was very lonely and depressed, because during the years of my son’s suffering I have at least been doing something useful with my time.  I thought that the best thing I could do after the end was to write about what had happened to our son and to me and my family which was a very good idea and a great help in dealing with the sadness and bereavement which followed our son’s departure.

The Hanoudi Tragedy: My Book and the Story of the Book
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Saturday, 01 December 2012 21:20

There are moments in life so stunning, so unexpected that they are very difficult to describe, the shooting of my son Nazar on the morning of the 29th of March 2004 in Baghdad which was a mistaken act by a young American soldier was such a moment, by that time the environment in Iraq against the Americans was so poisoned which left the young American soldiers in a very tense and a trigger happy mood. This book is a modest attempt at telling the story of my unfortunate son, his long ordeal and the terrible nightmare we were plunged into as a result of that inexcusable incident. That ill-fated moment turned my life and that of my family upside down and plunged us for eight years into an endless tragedy full of agony and uncertainties and all kinds of difficulties, but it is also a story about friendship and the meaning of giving.

The U.S. Presidential Elections: We Have a Winner final 303 206
Thursday, 15 November 2012 00:21

Last night the American people spoke, the ended the two years long race for the white house and handed over President Barack Obama a second term to the white. The end came shortly after 11 pm when Ohio put him over the top 31th 274 electoral votes against 201 to his republican challenger ex-governor mitt Romney. The drama started in the eastern united states and parts of the Midwest at six am November 6 and came to an end very early on Wednesday morning when the challenger conceded at 1 am in which he very graciously congratulated the president the first lady and their daughters and thus one of the most bitterly fought and most expensive presidential campaigns cane to an end with 303 electoral votes with Florida still counting and her 29 votes are still a tossup. The clear win of the president averted an extremely worrying possibility of a deadlock because at the last moment before the people started to cast their votes the National opinion polls showed Obama and Romney in a virtual dead heat threatening a repeat of the 2000 scenario when that contest was finally decided by the Supreme Court. The long, bitter contest which reached its climax on Tuesday November 6th, showed the contestants neck and neck and deadlocked today with polls showing Obama and Romney deadlocked in an election that will be decided in a handful of states.

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