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The Iraqi Situation: Is it Civil War/Part Two
Saturday, 01 June 2013 13:13

On May 9, I updated this blog with a piece about the Iraqi situation which was entitled, "is it civil war", at that time things in Iraq have quieted down a little bit after the terrible events of the previous two weeks that started by the massacre the government has perpetrated in Hawija, the small Sunni town near Kirkuk on Tuesday April 21, at the of which at least 42 people were killed, 39 of them civilians, and more than 100 wounded.  This calamity was followed by two weeks of very serious escalation of the quarrels between the two main religious factions in the country, the Sunnis and Shiites.  By that time the position of the Prime Minister was becoming increasingly tenuous and shaky, but suddenly the Kurds came to his rescue, the Kurdish autonomous authority in the north of the country sent their Prime Minister to Baghdad who after a very short meeting with al-Maliki said that his authority's longstanding problems with Baghdad has been resolved, they have solved a number of very sticky issues between them and the central authority, they sent their ministers who were part of the federal cabinet back to its meetings which they have been boycotting for some time. After that meeting, al- Maliki started to breath a bit easier, Politics!!!, but it was short lived, few days later all hell broke and the situation was again threatening the resumption of the terrible carnage of 2006-2007, between the Sunnis and the Shiites.

The Iraqi situation; is it civil war??
Thursday, 09 May 2013 01:42

On the 20th of last April, I was jotting few notes about Paul Bremer, these notes were made for the second edition of My Book, The Hanoudi Tragedy which I am contemplating in few months’ time after its release few weeks ago.  In these notes I was commenting on George Bush’s viceroy’s efforts in creating the post war political structure, which was part of the administration’s experiment in nation building in Iraq and especially what is called Bremer’s political reforms which I said were one of his one year management of occupied Iraq’s most terrible blunders. Four days after arriving in Baghdad Bremer did away with any semblance of national unity and informed the 7 member Iraqi leadership council [the group of exiles who were chosen during the London meeting in December 2002 as representatives of  Saddam’s  opposition], that there would be no interim government and no early handover of power and went ahead and appointed on  the frank basis of ethnic and sectarian identities a 52 member advisory group which was called the Iraqi Governing Council. This precedent continued under subsequent Iraqi administrations and was replicated in the lower government institutions with the terribly disastrous results that would later on characterize all the other aspects of the post Saddam life in Iraq.

The Hanoudi Tragedy: The 9th Anniversary and the Book
Sunday, 31 March 2013 00:06

On 9th of March 2003 the Bush administration started an adventure which was to become an appalling fiasco to which the United States and its people paid a horrendous price in blood and cash.  They invaded Iraq, ostensibly to free the Iraqi people from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein and save the world from his stockpile of weapons of mass destruction and many other prodigious promises which they disremembered the moment their occupation of the country was accomplished.  The bush administration’s failure to honor their promises to the Iraqis and the ill-advised manner with which they conducted their occupation of Iraq provided the soil and energized a very tenacious opposition which gave birth to a very destructive insurgency which  plunged the United States and its people into a  dreadful quagmire for ten years which cost them a great deal in blood and treasure before the current administration was able to disengage from this appalling adventure on December 21,  2011.

The 2003 Iraq War: Two Anniversaries and the War’s Legacy
Sunday, 03 March 2013 19:35

March 19, 2013 marks the tenth anniversary of the Iraq War, the war was started by the Bush on March 19, 2003, March also marks the ninth anniversary of the shooting by an American soldier of my son Nazar in Baghdad on the 29th of March 2004. The bush administration started the war, they said, to save the world from the menacing stockpiles of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction and to free the Iraqi people from the jaws of his murderous regime to be followed by some kind of a Marshal plan to help the Iraqis rebuild their country which was crumbling after the long years of Saddam’s cruel dictatorship. The Iraqi people have always been dreaming about a miracle like that, but were never in a position to realize their dream because of the paralyzing fear which was inculcated in them by the police state which Saddam has created, very sadly the dream turned into ordeal and the hopes became a cruel deception. But I am not talking about the anniversary of the nightmare, into which we were plunged as a result of that terrible incident now, because I have already written a book about it which is gone into my blog for some time now as a link, My Book: The Hanoudi Tragedy.

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