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The United States: The Politics of Polarization and Antagonism
Saturday, 05 October 2013 12:28

During the last two months, I have been concentrating on the highly inflammable and exploding situation in the middle east, the non-ending slaughter in Syria, its more than two and a half years of civil war which has already claimed more than a hundred thousand deaths and an untold number of injured with the displacement of almost five millions of its citizens internally or forced to seek shelter in one or the other of nearby countries. The continuing mayhem in Egypt in the aftermath of the coup d’état which removed president Mohammed Mursi who was the candidate of the powerful Moslem brotherhood after only on year in office who never accepted the rule of the authority which placed by the military and have been fighting it ever since, and the disintegrating and falling apart of Iraq as a result of the recent war there and the ongoing fighting between, the Sunnis and the Shiites the two main components of the Iraqi Muslims is the main religion in the country, which is nothing less than a civil war, and now with the Sudan following in the steps of its sisters, when for the last few day that unfortunate country was gripped in a huge conflict between the government which has been in power for more than thirty years and its opponents, a vicious quarrel which has already claimed a very large number of casualties, but today I am talking about the crisis which has been gripping the Unites States during the last week as a result of the failure by the politicians to legislate a stop gap measure allowing the continuing financing of the activities of the federal government, a failure which stemmed from the very serious state of polarization in this country which is generating a state of appalling antagonism and ill feeling between its two main political parties.

The Middle East Explosion: Intensifying and Perilous
Sunday, 15 September 2013 18:02

On the 21ST of August, the world was plunged into a very serious and a potentially extremely dangerous crisis, which resulted from the appalling atrocity which was perpetrated by the Syrian government against its own people.  The allegation was that the northern suburbs of Damascus were attacked on that day by forces belonging to the Syrian regime using the prohibited nerve agent Sarin, killing more than 1,400 people, 400 of them children, the Americans were exceedingly upset, the Secretary of State John Kerry said that this kind of behavior is unacceptable, the Syrian government has crossed a very treacherous red line.  This is beyond every norm of proper international behavior, it is a threat to our national security and we cannot accept it, and it cannot go without punishment.  This was followed few days later by a stamen from the secretary of defense Mr. Hagel, who said we are deploying a task force in the eastern Mediterranean for a possible military strike against the Syrian regime as a response to the crime they have committed against humanity, and we are only waiting for the order from our commander in chief to go.  This was a stunning and a totally unanticipated piece of news to the Americans, but they reacted to it in not a much unexpected manner, some were with the plan, and many others were against it.

The Hanoudiletter : The Exploding Cauldron, Part Two
Monday, 02 September 2013 19:25

In my July 16, 2007 posting to this blog, The Middle East: A Boiling Cauldron, I tried to elucidate on the situation in this exceptionally vital part of the world, which is boiling with conflict and violence and polarization, a situation which threatens a very serious explosion.  I also said that any country there could be the flash point for that eventuality, but I talked about Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq which were at the time the most probable candidates for that kind of cataclysm.  The situation in Palestine, is still highly inflamed threatening the emergence of two mini states, the Lebanese are still haggling over the election of a new president who should be acceptable to all factions in that badly torn country.  Iraq is disintegrating and decaying, the people are impoverished and insecure.  And then the boiling cauldron exploded a little while later, which was very serious in the beginning, but it has by now deteriorated into terrible hostilities and civil wars, a nightmare which is encompassing almost the whole region.  The boiling cauldron exploded, when Mohammad Bouazizi, a young Tunisian boy set himself on fire on December 17, 2010, in front of the governor of the city of Bouzid, 265 km south of the capital city, Tunisia.  That act of self-immolation by the youngster, driven to despair by the local police in the city, triggered days of massive demonstrations all over the country demanding change and political reform. It was utterly incredible and implausible, the president,  Ben Ali, who has been in power since November 7, 1987 was forced to resign on January 14, 2011, he fled the country and sought asylum in Saudi Arabia.  These developments in Tunisia, emboldened freedom activists in the whole Arab world, and soon similar uprisings erupted in Egypt, in Libya, Bahrain, and in Syria.  Major protests took place also, in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, and almost every other part of the Arab world.

The Egyptian Situation: The Blood Bath
Thursday, 22 August 2013 00:39

On my last update to this site, on the 10th of August, I concluded the piece by saying that the current situation in Egypt is extremely tense and explosive, the people are edgy and jittery and they are holding their breath for what might happen during the next few days, I said that all the signs are pointing to a very nasty and violent explosion and threatens some very serious consequences, the polarization of the Egyptian society has reached incredible levels, the two adversaries were sticking to their totally stiffened and non-flexible maximum positions.  Some of my friends and visitors to this blog thought that I was exaggerating and a pessimist, but my pessimism was justified few days later when the new Egyptian authority went in full gear against the two major encampments were hundreds of thousands of Muslim brotherhood supporters of ex-president Mursi were lodging in central Cairo, when in the early hours of Wednesday August 14, and in  a huge military operation, the army and the police moved against encampments and  were able to evict those who were sitting there, but it was a  an appalling blood bath during which thousands of protestors were killed and many more people injured.

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