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The hanoudiletter: History, Politics and Progress
Tuesday, 10 December 2013 22:48

For a very long time during the history of man on this planet, philosophers, scholars and a great many intelligent lay persons have tried to answer an extremely puzzling question, how are we to live together, since humans are social creatures, gregarious by nature, their lives are inescapably intertwined with those of other people, some of them we know well, others we know only vaguely, but the vast majority we shall never know at all, so we must pay attention to the need to live with those others, and this is the core of politics. Politics is the art and science of governing, of guiding or influencing governmental policy, it is the profession which conducts the matters of society, and because of all that it matters to all of us, because a class or a clique which has gained the power to govern should not oppress us, its laws should be fair, which respects our rights and make absolutely clear the responsibilities we have towards one another, and history is replete with tyrannical regimes which have littered  the world with examples of the terrible consequences of getting politics wrong , of not finding ways of living together and in harmony with the others.

Psychology, Depression and Psychoanalysis
Sunday, 17 November 2013 14:48

This is the first time I am updating The Hanoudi Letter with something slightly more scientific than the usual inserts which has been going into the site for almost five years now.  Today’s piece is entitled psychology, depression and psychoanalysis, a modality for the treatment which was fashioned by the famous psychiatrist Sigmund Freud who emphasized the influence of the unconscious mind on behavior, I have personally been greatly interested in this topic even during the old days in Iraq with my very heavy clinical practice in my own field, ophthalmology, but when I came to the United States and was unable to practice.   My interest was rekindled in psychiatry, in the beginning when I had to suffer the depressing days of waiting for some improvement of my son’s condition who was struggling for his life in an old nursing home and having to take him to the nearby Beaumont Hospital for the management of one or the other of the crises he was prone to as a result of the coma like state he was suffering from.  When Nazar finally passed away in December 2011, I was in such a bad mental state which forced to try and learn more about depression and its treatment.

The Hanoudi Letter: The Middle East Explosion, Again
Saturday, 02 November 2013 15:46

I was unable, during the last few weeks to update this site with anything other than the crisis which emanated from the failure of congress to agree on a budget for 2014 and an agreement to raise the country’s debt ceiling level, a failure that led to the shutdown of the federal government and increased the worries about the possibility of a default which would have plunged the country into  a mess of absolutely incredible dimensions, but the politicians were finally able in a rare partisan effort to agree on a deal to take care of the financing of the government and raising the debt ceiling, this was a compromise between the two extreme positions of the two parties, the deal succeeded in defusing the tensions and allowed the government to re-open and removed the worries about the country defaulting which would have been the first in its history , this was great, but it was no more than a temporary solution , it left the other major differences between the two parties still festering , and the situation between the two factions might go back the old politics of bitterness and hatred which threatens repetition of the recent crisis, still, one  hopes that common sense would prevail and that the politicians have learned the need to compromise, to spare the country and the American people another shock, but today’s update is essentially about the current  situation in the middle, I am going in a minute to talk about  Egypt, Syria and Iraq, because things over there are getting increasingly worse and the violence reaching absolutely unimaginable dimensions.

The United States: Back from the Brink
Saturday, 19 October 2013 16:52

The crisis which was engulfing the united states during the last three weeks came to an end as a result of an excellent bi-partisan effort in the senate, the democrats and the republican’s in a rare show of co-operation were able late on Wednesday 16 to come out with a bill to end the 16-day long shutdown of the federal government, and to raise the current debt ceiling to prevent a highly possible default, which would allow the government to borrow the money it needs to function and to pay its bill, this agreement was endorsed by the senate with a very big majority and late on Wednesday it was ratified by the house, and during the early hours of Thursday October 17 it was signed by the president and became law. This agreement provided a welcome end to an extremely worrying and dangerous situation, had the United States went into default over its debt, had the shutdown of the federal government lasted much longer, the consequences would have been absolutely catastrophic to the people, to the country’s credibility and its position as a superpower and to the world. But again and in spite of what I have just said there are few questions which are begging for answers, In the end, there were no clear winners or losers, both sides share the blame about what happened, although the republicans are receiving a larger share of the responsibility for the damage which was inflicted on the people and the state and the large sums of money which has been wasted on what proved to have been a great upheaval about nothing, also this agreement has in fact in spite of all its helpful essentials has done nothing about the roots of the conflict, in fact there are already signs that the country might go through a similar mess pretty soon, because the two main players in American politics, are still widely separated and refusing to talk to each other, when if they would like to make sure  that what has recently transpired would not be repeated then they have to sit down together and talk about the issues that separate them, and must be able to come out with solutions which are acceptable to both of them, if not there is going to be more polarization, more paralysis and disarray.

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