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Iraq in History; Part Three: From the Golden Age to the Monarchy
Wednesday, 05 January 2005 00:00
THE victors moved their center of power to Iraq and for the first few decades they enjoyed a lot of success, the early Abbassid rulers were very enlightened, and were able to remove a good deal of the discontent which has contributed to the failure of their predecessors. They cared about their people and were interested  in everything concerning their health and their prosperity. They loved science and learning and continually sought, patronized and encouraged talented and promising individuals who stood shoulder to shoulder with the previous giants of history a truly golden period which reached its climax in about a hundred years.
Thursday, 30 December 2004 12:47
This dream, The Hanoudi Letter would have never seen the light without the encouragement, enthusiasm and the unlimited support of three outstanding persons, a prominent broadcaster and writer, a young very intelligent officer and one of my nephews a very young computer expert, to this magnificent trio I am forever in debt and very grateful.

I am a 70 years old ophthalmologist with a long history in clinical in clinical ophthalmology, teaching and health administration. I have been abroad many times to medical conferences and to lecture to various centers especially in Britain, for the last 15 years I have been doing less medicine and more reading and writing, I have already written three books on the philosophy of history, a second one on Saddam Hussein and his regime and a third on the diabetic complications in the human retina but none of them have seen the light, I have never been able to publish the publishing world seems to be a very well knit family which cares only about its progeny, so I decided to try putting my views and ideas about few subjects which are of a special interest to me, history, geopolitics, ethnic-religious conflicts and the current situation in this country in a weekly personal letter of about 600-800 words which could be viewed on the internet from thehanoudiletter web site:

This is not going to be a news bulletin in the classical sense, it is a personal medium by which I am trying to present my opinions and analyses on questions related to the subjects I have just mentioned. But I am certain that news about the situation in this country will force itself on the project because of the dangers it is posing to our very existence. The current situation in Iraq is very serious and extremely dangerous, the increasing frustrations and disappointments of the people with the unfulfilled American promises regarding the reconstruction and rehabilitation of this country is creating a very hostile environment and a very serious resistance to their presence to which they are responding very harshly and aggressively is increasing the resent and opposition and creating a very dangerous vicious circle which is making the future very bleak indeed.

You my reader please be patient and tolerant. I am bound to make a lot of mistakes about which I beg to be treated kindly and judiciously corrected, we are in a very serious mess and I am personally living a very painful tragedy which I will be telling you about a bit more in a future letter.

Dr. Najeeb Hanoudi
Baghdad, Dec, 10 2004
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Iraq in History; Part Two: Islam and the Big Rift
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Monday, 27 December 2004 00:00
THERE are very few events more interesting and more dramatic in the history of Man than the rise and spread of Islam. In 622 AD, the prophet Muhammed was fighting for his life in Mecca with a small band of devoted followers. A century later the Muslims fired with the message he delivered and his own teaching had reached half the then known world. Islam and the teachings of the prophet has performed a great miracle, they have weld band of peasants and predatory warriors and brigands in Arabia into a compact nation, which swept away ancient kingdoms and brought under one dominion an area nearly as large as that of the roman empire at the peak of its  power.
Iraq in History, Part One: The Mesopotamian Civilization
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Sunday, 19 December 2004 00:00
THIS is the first issue of the Hanoudi letter, a weekly email to my American friends in which I will be discussing some aspects of few very interesting topics namely, history, geopolitics, ethnic-religious conflicts, and the situation in this currently very turbulent country.  The following is the first installment of a four part essay on the history of Iraq, the second part  is called Islam and the big rift, the third will be from golden age to the monarchy and the fourth part is Iraq the turbulent century.
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