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Playing God: The Terri Schiavo's Tragedy
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Saturday, 26 March 2005 13:28
I was undecided of what I should be writing about in this week's letter to the visitors of the website.  For the last few weeks, I was mainly addressing the current situation in the country, especially the results of the recently conducted elections. The elections, were hailed by some people as a great success in the way they are going to affect the plans for the reconstruction of the country and establishing the political structure necessary for the emergence of a free, independent, prosperous and democratic Iraq, which would be an example for the whole Middle East.  I have always insisted that the yardstick by which the success of the elections should be measured is by the way the National Assembly tackles its two most urgent assignments namely: The organization of a viable governmental structure and overseeing the process of preparing a permanent constitution for the country.  Today, almost two months after the elections, nothing has happened yet. The country is still administered by a caretaker government and the country has been left in a very serious vacuum, the whole situation is worse.  I was able to make up my mind on this week's letter as a result of a jolt I received with the millions of people all over the world as a result of a decision by a Florida court order to disconnect the feeding tube for Terri Schiavo.  Terri has been in vegetative state for the last 15 years, and she needs the feeding tube to sustain her life.  A tragedy which bore an incredible resemblance to that of my son Nazar, which I described in my March 5th letter on this site under the title of "a message of hope and gratitude".
Iraq: Two years after the invasion
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Sunday, 20 March 2005 12:33
God told me to strike al-Qaeda and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam which I did.  This is according to Ha’artz is what President Bush told the then Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmood Abbas on June 24, 2003.
The Iraqi Situation: A Hopeful Breakthrough, but...
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Sunday, 13 March 2005 13:01
With the other millions of Iraqis who followed the recent elections and the final declaration of its results, I was greatly encouraged last week by a few promising signs of an end to the deadlock in the political process.  After more than three weeks from the declaration of the official results of the election of the National Assembly, the assembly has has not yet convened and have not yet started the work on the two most important items on its agenda.  This delay created a very serious political and an administrative vacuum, which has encouraged the more extreme opponents of the process to become bolder and greater threat to the nation building process with extremely serious consequences.
The Hanoudi Letter: A Message of Hope and Gratitude
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Sunday, 06 March 2005 10:57
When I was dreaming of having a personal newsletter, I was extremely worried and apprehensive.  I was worried, because I was not convinced that under my current physical and psychological state, that I was capable of writing anything meaningful or readable.  I have been for the last ten months under an extremely stressful and exhausting condition, because of the state of health of my eldest son.  My son is 37 years old whose pregnant wife was staying in New Zealand with her family expecting a child.  My daughter in-law was staying with her own family, because of the seriousness and the daily dangers, which followed the American occupation of this country.  My daughter in-law ultimately gave birth to a daughter who has never been seen by my son, because an American soldier shot at the unfortunate youngman on the 29th of last March.
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