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Sunday, 06 March 2005 10:57
When I was dreaming of having a personal newsletter, I was extremely worried and apprehensive.  I was worried, because I was not convinced that under my current physical and psychological state, that I was capable of writing anything meaningful or readable.  I have been for the last ten months under an extremely stressful and exhausting condition, because of the state of health of my eldest son.  My son is 37 years old whose pregnant wife was staying in New Zealand with her family expecting a child.  My daughter in-law was staying with her own family, because of the seriousness and the daily dangers, which followed the American occupation of this country.  My daughter in-law ultimately gave birth to a daughter who has never been seen by my son, because an American soldier shot at the unfortunate youngman on the 29th of last March.

The shooting of my son was a truly senseless and unprovoked incident causing a major injury, which required a series of operations in the American hospital in Baghdad.  The injury was followed by some very serious complications the worst was a failure of one of his kidneys, this required a renal dialysis which was performed in one of the biggest hospitals in this city.  The important hospital failed to perform the usually simple procedure properly, they had to abort it prematurely and send my son who was now in very a critical condition back to the Green Zone without enough oxygen causing his heart to stop when he returned.  The hospital staff resuscitated my son after about 15 minutes, a delay which resulted in a severe damage to the brain and left him in an extremely critical condition.  My son cannot move, he breathes through a tracheotomy, eats through a naso-gastric tube, passes urine through a catheter and needs a careful observation and watching every minute of the day.  We are all waiting for a miracle.  I am very sorry I had to inflict this very sad story upon you, but I wanted to expose and underline the selfishness and hypocrisy of our world, because apart from very generous and kind help from our relatives, nothing whatsoever came from the local authorities or the many humanitarian organizations which are present now in this country in the dozens.

As far as the newsletter, I was finally convinced of going ahead with the adventure in spite of the great odds against it.  I was greatly influenced by the enthusiasm and encouragement from a number of my friends and relatives, which is impossible to mention them now.  On this occasion, I would like to sincerely thank my nephew Rayan for his never-ending support, a real computer wizard who is now doing an extremely efficient job of editing the weekly letter and uploading it into the web site which he himself has very competently created.  I would also like to thank from the depths of my heart all the friends and colleagues and family members who were such a wonderful help with their honest, sincere, priceless advice and very helpful suggestions.  To all these wonderful people now that the visitors to our site is approaching two thousand I would like to say that this website is yours and the modest success it has achieved belongs to you.  I am very grateful and humbled by your love and your support, the idea of the letter was to try and provide especially to those of you who were forced by the tragic events we have been enduring to leave the country and to provide them with an honest and a decent appraisal of these events.  Unlike what the mass media are doing who have prostituted the “WORD” and turned it into a commodity for sale to those who are willing to pay for it, the media cabal is not providing decent information, it is regularly disseminating falsehoods misinformation, disinformation and very often outright lies.

I was hopping that this letter will only be to thank you and acknowledge my debt to you, but I was greatly encouraged to write it because of the lull and slight improvement in the situation at the start of the week.  The whole country was waiting for the convening of the newly elected national assembly to begin the selection of the top political appointees and start overseeing the writing of a permanent constitution, which is supposed to lay the foundations for needed base of the long awaited dream of a new free, federal, prosperous and democratic Iraq.  The Iraqis are waiting for the results of the dialogue between the Americans and the Sunnis, who are being acknowledged now by their adversaries as a very critical element in the equation and whose participation in the ongoing political arrangements is becoming an absolute necessity.  But once again, the situation in the country forced itself on my plans.  The relative lull was punctuated by the murderous attack in Hilla on Monday, which left an incredible number of deaths and injured.  The murder on Wednesday of the judge and his son who were working on the tribunal to try Saddam and his gang.  The real jolt came on Thursday morning, when the daily newspaper Al-Sabah which is the mouthpiece of the American Civil Authority here published an article describing talks between fifty important Shiite personalities about setting a separate political entity in the southern part of Iraq in case the current negotiations did not favor the Shiites.  Nothing tangible has been reached at yet, the article raised very serious questions and was very worrying, because of the threat it poses to the fragile unity of the country.

I am not venturing here any predictions or prophesies about the future.  What will happen next is now very clear is part of a secret agenda by the Americans and their extremely powerful allies in the area, which they had in mind before embarking on Operation Iraqi Freedom.  The convening of the National Assembly has already been adjourned for at least another week.

Dr. Najeeb Hanoudi
Baghdad: March 5, 2005
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

P.S. I have been greatly honored by very kind messages and suggestions from you to some of which I was unable to reply, I beg for your forgiveness and promise to be more civilized in the future.