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The Hanoudi Tragedy: The 9th Anniversary and the Book PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 31 March 2013 00:06

On 9th of March 2003 the Bush administration started an adventure which was to become an appalling fiasco to which the United States and its people paid a horrendous price in blood and cash.  They invaded Iraq, ostensibly to free the Iraqi people from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein and save the world from his stockpile of weapons of mass destruction and many other prodigious promises which they disremembered the moment their occupation of the country was accomplished.  The bush administration’s failure to honor their promises to the Iraqis and the ill-advised manner with which they conducted their occupation of Iraq provided the soil and energized a very tenacious opposition which gave birth to a very destructive insurgency which  plunged the United States and its people into a  dreadful quagmire for ten years which cost them a great deal in blood and treasure before the current administration was able to disengage from this appalling adventure on December 21,  2011.

This month, March 2013 marks the tenth anniversary of the recent Iraq war and a lot of people were remembering it with written articles in famous newspapers and in interviews on prominent media outlets and by scholars from some of the country’s most reputable universities and think tanks.  Some of this input was astute and objective, but a lot of the analysis were pretty mediocre and inadequate and confusing and did not project a general consensus about the whole terrible affair, they represented, mainly, their own or their organizations’ points of view and or political philosophy or ideology.  I am not going to argue with any of them, this is a democratic country, and in a democracy everybody is entitled to his opinion.  I have said my word about this very sad adventure and its legacy in the previous update to this blog in which in which I said that the Americans are forgetting this most unfortunate piece of their recent history which is wrong, America’s unfortunate experience in Iraq is a very important part of this country’s recent history and it should not be forgotten, because the past teaches very good lessons for the future.

Now I would like to talk about the other anniversary I mentioned in my previous update, the unfortunate and mistaken shooting of my son Nazar by an American soldier in Baghdad on the morning of March 29, 2004  a terrible event which turned our lives into a  non-ending nightmare  of agonies and hopelessness which lasted for eight years at the end of which my son’s long and desperate struggle for life came to an end in the united states when he passed away and was buried in a Catholic cemetery in the small town of Southfield, Michigan.

After the death of my son I was in a terrible state of loss and confusion, when my son was still with us I have been completely engrossed in his situation, we have been with him, my wife, my daughter and myself, every day during the eight years of his struggle.  For a year and a half at home in Baghdad after he was discharged from the American hospital, in Amman in Jordan for more than two years and when we took him to the United States on November 14, 2007 when he alternated between the nursing home where he was staying and the William Beaumont hospital in Royal Oak were we used to take him when he had a crisis affecting his feeding tube, his tracheostomy or an intestinal obstruction or  pneumonia, and during all those months and years I never felt empty or depressed.  I was very busy helping and very often taking care myself with the various things he needed in his very difficult condition, but when he passed a way it was a completely different story.

I was living in a small room in my house, it was very much like a solitary confinement, dejected and very sad, I couldn’t think about what I was going to do with my life and I was extremely worried about my chances in the future, but I was rescued by wonderful collection of men and women with whom I have become very friendly mostly in the hospital where we used to take my son when he had one of the more serious medical problem to his breathing, his feeding tube or his gastrointestinal system or when he had pneumonia or such similar conditions.  Some of these friends were actually involved with his care and the others knew all about my son’s struggle for his life and the nightmare my family and myself have gone through for more than eight years.  They all believed that it was an important and very significant story which was very much worth documenting and written down in a book, so few weeks after the END, very early on in 2012, I started writing.

The writing was extremely enjoyable and invigorating, but was very often difficult and exhausting because I was trying to document the story and tell it as truly and accurately as possible, I was in fact writing for posterity and in particular to my granddaughter the one my son has never seen, so I was always checking the facts with my wife, my daughter and my friends and family who were involved with us in the care of my unfortunate son.  The writing of our story was finished in the beginning of 2013, it had lasted a little more than a year, but once again I was faced with the dilemma of having to put it on the shelf like what has happened to my other four works which I have been engaged with for the last quarter of a century which were apparently below the standard of what is coming nowadays out of the printing presses like for example, the memoirs of George Bush or Dick Cheney or Tony Blair or those of Don Rumsfeld and never saw the light of the day, but I was much more lucky this time.

Few days into 2013 I was told about personal publishers who were interesting in non-established writers and helping them to publish their work which was of no serious interest in the work of people like me.  I contacted the publisher and it was the beginning a very good and in the end a very successful relationship, I sent them my finished transcript which they went through for few weeks and then they sent the material to their designing unit who were able [after sometimes very lengthy discussions with me] to send the draft to the printers who after few days sent me three copies of finished work for a final evaluation which I did and on March 27 they released the book and at long last my dream has finally been realized , and after a very long struggle I had something printed under my name, THE HANOUDI TRAGEDY.

The book is published by AuthorHouse, a very notable firm in Bloomington, Indiana.  The book is a medium sized paperback, a very moving front cover and a very nice back cover, it is composed of slightly more than 30,000 words which are divided into three short segments, a forward which was written by one of my most valued friends, a recently retired Colonel from the  U.S. Army, a second  piece on the history of Iraq, the  old and the recent and a third one about the 2003 American invasion-occupation of Iraq, but the main bulk of the narrative is  about the long ordeal of my son and my family’s incredible nightmare when we were taking care of him ourselves during the long years of his awful suffering and the book is in fact a very serious and an absolutely honest attempt at telling the story which is in the words of a lot of my friends an epic which is worth telling , a drama very strongly reminiscent of an old Greek tragedy.

I was really thrilled by receiving a copy of the book from the publishers today who said that it will be available in the shops of booksellers, it will be available soon at and Barnes and Noble, and on line sellers and on eBooks like Nook and Kindle, but anyone who is interested in getting a copy now can have it directly from the publishers by going to this website or by calling their book sales customer service.

Najeeb Hanoudi
Wednesday March 27, 2013
Southfield /MI