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The U.S. Presidential Elections: We Have a Winner final 303 206 PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 15 November 2012 00:21

Last night the American people spoke, the ended the two years long race for the white house and handed over President Barack Obama a second term to the white. The end came shortly after 11 pm when Ohio put him over the top 31th 274 electoral votes against 201 to his republican challenger ex-governor mitt Romney. The drama started in the eastern united states and parts of the Midwest at six am November 6 and came to an end very early on Wednesday morning when the challenger conceded at 1 am in which he very graciously congratulated the president the first lady and their daughters and thus one of the most bitterly fought and most expensive presidential campaigns cane to an end with 303 electoral votes with Florida still counting and her 29 votes are still a tossup. The clear win of the president averted an extremely worrying possibility of a deadlock because at the last moment before the people started to cast their votes the National opinion polls showed Obama and Romney in a virtual dead heat threatening a repeat of the 2000 scenario when that contest was finally decided by the Supreme Court. The long, bitter contest which reached its climax on Tuesday November 6th, showed the contestants neck and neck and deadlocked today with polls showing Obama and Romney deadlocked in an election that will be decided in a handful of states.

The primary season over and the nominating conventions complete and with the polls already showing a very tight race, no one of the candidates was taking anything for  granted, so mitt Romney and Obama hit the ground running Friday immediately after the democrats went home from their meeting for the final stretch of a campaign, The result will set the country's course for four years on spending, taxes, healthcare and foreign policy challenges like the rise of China and Iran's nuclear ambitions. A campaign, which has started for Romney at least more than two years ago. It would be a campaign, which would last for 60 days much of it focusing on key battleground states; the two men pitch their vision for the country to a divided electorate. And one of the most important things they were arguing about was jobs at that time unemployment level was at 8.1% in august from 8.3% the month before which Romney called very disappointing when Obama fired back stressing that businesses had created jobs for the 30th month but he acknowledged that the pace was not sufficient.

Romney, the multimillionaire former head of a private equity fund, would be the first Mormon president and one of the wealthiest Americans to occupy the White House. Obama, the first black president, is vying to be the first Democrat to win a second term since Bill Clinton in 1996.  Fueled by record spending on negative ads, the battle between the two men was focused primarily on the lagging economic recovery and persistent high unemployment, but at times it turned personal. But the stakes in this election go far beyond who takes office in January. Everyone is faced with choices that will have huge ramifications for decades, the real choices are not simply about democrats versus republican or even obama versus Romney, the political strategies that prove successful in this election will be replicated far into the future and everyone is faced with chances that will have huge ramifications for decades, the political strategies that prove successful in the election will be replicated in the future. And the campaign went on like that for October but in September the country was faced with an extremely serious situation which resulted from the murder of the American ambassador in Libya with three other Americans.

The long battle for the White House between Obama and Romney divided the nation, causing, at times, bitter disputes between the parties. Obama urged his supporters to look beyond the fight of the past several months and defended the process of choosing a president.  "I know that political campaigns can sometimes seem small, even silly," Obama said. "And that provides plenty of fodder for the cynics who tell us that politics is nothing more than a contest of evils or the domain of special interests. If you ever get the chance to talk to folks who turned out to our rallies and along the rope lines of high school gyms, or saw folks working late at campaign office or some tiny county way from home, you'll discover something else." The Romney campaign cast the election as a referendum on Obama's economic policies, frequently comparing him to former President Jimmy Carter and asking voters the Reagan-esque question of whether they are better off than they were four years ago. But the Obama campaign pushed back, blanketing key states such as Ohio early on with ads painting him as a multimillionaire more concerned with profits than people. The Obama campaign also aggressively attacked Romney on reproductive rights issues, tying Romney to a handful of Republican candidates who made controversial comments about rape and abortion, to make things more complicated a small bunch of Libyan terrorists murdered the American ambassador in Benghazi September 11.

The us ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three more Americans were killed on Sept. 11 when Libyan militants stormed the us consulate in Benghazi, the attackers were angry about a California made trailer which was titled ‘innocence of Islam a 13 minutes video which was recorded in Florida which mocks the prophet of Islam, Mohammad as a womanizer, a child molester and a ruthless killer. This peace of very cheap journalism was posted on  U tube which is owned by Google  which sparked a shocking outrage against the us and extremely violent protests in several Muslim countries which included in addition to the united states, Egypt, Yemen and the Sudan. The furor over the film was stoked by the publication in a French satirical weekly of cartoons which denigrated the prophet.

Through this election campaign  there has been hyper-partisan resistance resonating more than facts, total opposition embraced as a congressional tactic and unprecedented money flowing the air As if these dreadful events were not enough a video which was made secretly in may during a fundraiser for the republican nominee was recently leaked by mother jones which is a leading independent investigative news organization, featuring investigative and breaking news reporting on politics, the environment, human rights in which mitt Romney was caught as saying that 47 per cent people who support Obama were VICTIMS. they don’t pay taxes who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them ,  these remarks were a confirmation of the opinion held by some people on Romney  as heartless and a very bland person, there was a huge backlash against them, president Obama reacted by saying if governor Romney believes that 74 per cent of Americans consider themselves victims and entitled to government help, when you express an attitude that half the country consider themselves victims that somehow they want to be dependent on government my thinking [the president said] may be you haven’t gotten  around a lot.  The republican nominee responded by saying his remarks were not elegantly stated by he stuck to his basic theme alas the damage was done and was almost certainly irreversible.

The campaign was going on, but attention was now shifted towards the looming debates between the presidential candidates the first one which took place in the Magnus arena in Denver on Wednesday October 2 ,the second was held at the Hofstra university in long island/new York on October 16,and the last was held on October 22, at the Lyn University in bacon Rota/Florida.

The debates were supposed to have a decisive influence on the outcome of the election campaign, president Obama was assumed to win the three of them, but his performance on was not as was expected which gave the challenger’s campaign a great boost, most viewers thought Romney won the debate. But during the second and third debates the president recovered a good deal of strength and the campaign went on to November 6.

Polling stations opened across the eastern United States and parts of the Midwest as Election Day dawned. At least 120 million people were expected to render judgment on whether to give Obama a second term or replace him with Romney. National opinion polls show Obama and Romney in a virtual dead heat, although the Democratic incumbent has a slight advantage in several vital swing states most notably Ohio, The neck and neck state of affairs opened the way to various worrying scenario like the one in 2000 when there was not a clear majority in Florida, which had to go to courts and was finally settled in favor of George bush by the Supreme Court. But this time the country and the American people were saved this extremely bad situation and the president came on top with a very convincing majority of the electoral votes and the popular vote.

Emboldened by a resounding victory the president, plunged to reach across America’s political divide seeking solutions to the stubborn issues that dogged his first term.

The challenger conceded in a speech delivered to his supporters at the Boston convention center in which he said, “This is a time of great challenge for our nation, he told the crowd.”

I pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation.  He warned against partisan bickering and urged politicians on both sides to put the people before the politics.

Najeeb Hanoudi

Friday, November 9, 2012

Southfield / MI

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